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Chatbox Rules

What you CAN’T POST:

  • Please do not make request like “can you sub…”, “can anyone translate…”, “where can I download (Keyaki cd/dvd that just been released)…”
  • Please do not ask where to watch certain Keyakizaka video with English sub because this site should have it all.
  • Please do not ask the sub of the show that’s just been aired.
  • Please do not ask when Keyakitte Kakenai sub will out. Just. Be. Patient. GEES never fail to release sub every week.
  • When sharing download link (especially Keyakizaka cd/dvd) please do not post too many link in 1 day. We do not want this place to become a site where you can request or find every downloadable Keyaki content. When one people share, the others will come to the site just to get the download link. We do not want that. Also, do not post download link to Keyaki cd/dvd too early (wait until 3-5 days after it was released) because there are some people who purchase the cd/dvd haven’t received their order yet.

What you CAN POST:

  • Share streaming link for live video
  • Ask, share information and opinions about Keyakizaka
  • Share video that is not been posted here
  • Make a report if you notice something on this site or the video is weird
  • Talk about other general things, off topic, etc. (but please keep it to minimum/ don’t conquer the chat box as it can only store < 100 messages)


  • Before asking for download link of the video that has been posted on this site, make sure to visit the subber’s website first. The name of the subber is stated below every video. Just google the subber’s name and you will find their site. The download link of the video should have on their site.
  • If you’re unable to follow the rules, your messages in the cbox will get deleted without any notice.
  • Perhaps there will be more rules in the future…who knows…