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[EP01] Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka? (English Sub)


Subber: Aidol


  1. Review of this entire series: 5.5/10
    12 episodes was completely unnecessary for this drama. Nothing note worthy happens in the first 5-6 episodes and there’s a lot of plot holes. Some people disappeared in the middle of the series and were never seen from or thought of again. Were they killed? Who hired them? Where is the police? What kind of school is this?

    Also ending was a boring happy ending that kind of ruined this for me. I want perpetrator, motive ect, not this cumbaya nonsense. Maybe this is more for children? Or if you prefer slice of life instead of murder mystery. It’s not horrible and is enough to pass the time IF you get over the firs 5-6 boring episodes.

    1. I respect your opinion. But, my personal analysis and conclusion differ to yours. I have watched many idol dramas, and this was one of the best I have ever watched. Especially compared to akb’s older dramas (have not watched any of their ones from after majisuka gakuen 3). Many idol doramas seem to not take the logic of the situation seriously, and the plot twist is always bullshit haha. but this dorama was quite consistent with the feel and relative rationality in terms of the light-hearted teeny-girly theme that is prevalent and carries the entire drama through. it is not supposed to be a super serious mystery drama, as it can be shown by the girly music that plays occasionally throughout this drama. I agree that this is more of a splice-of-life revolved around a mystery, and some aspects could be improved for viewers not used to this kind of randomness, but I personally enjoyed this more than many other jdramas I have watched.
      I am also impressed by all of the members’ acting abilities- that was one of the key highlights for me, as I have watched too much cringy bad acting from other idol dramas hahaha. I did feel like the episodes were quite repetitive, but not to the extent that most other dramas I have watched are like. I feel like that is the one annoying habit of common jdramas, but it is much less severe in Tokuyama Daigoro… than the likes of Zankokuna… and Re:Mind- the latest one being the most torturous jdrama I have ever watched- and that is saying something. ahhaha…..
      Anyways….. Hope you get my POV : DDD

  2. I enjoyed this drama, but the one aspect I really despise is how Aki-P san seemed to set a weird symbolic art of young, underaged characters taking unrealistic interest in an overgrown, wrinkly old man. it is like you are intentionally drawing in the old perves to these young girls, when, eventually, you would have discovered that their audience is full of youngsters also and people of all ages. this is not akb, they are not bikini models who serve the perves- they are performing idols who people of all genders and ages can appreciate. lolols

  3. i am deeply greateful to the team behind this webpage. I am Tibetan from India and i live Keyakizaka46 so much. Through this webpage i came to know each and everyone of the members. I was learning Japanese on and off for 3years but now i really need to understand Japanese so that i can enjoy their show. So their songs is the huge motivator for me to learn Japanese serious. Once again Thank you to the web developers . I have one small issue to address and that is the advertisement of 1:45mins long showing 5 times in 25mins tv show. there is also no option for me to cancel the adverts after watching for few secs. Thats the only black dot in the huge white canvas sheet.

    Thank You,


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