Home Drama [EP01] Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka? (English Sub)

[EP01] Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka? (English Sub)


Subber: Aidol


  1. Review of this entire series: 5.5/10
    12 episodes was completely unnecessary for this drama. Nothing note worthy happens in the first 5-6 episodes and there’s a lot of plot holes. Some people disappeared in the middle of the series and were never seen from or thought of again. Were they killed? Who hired them? Where is the police? What kind of school is this?

    Also ending was a boring happy ending that kind of ruined this for me. I want perpetrator, motive ect, not this cumbaya nonsense. Maybe this is more for children? Or if you prefer slice of life instead of murder mystery. It’s not horrible and is enough to pass the time IF you get over the firs 5-6 boring episodes.


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