Home Drama [EP10] Zankokuna Kankyakutachi (English Sub)

[EP10] Zankokuna Kankyakutachi (English Sub)


Subber: Keyakizaka46ID


  1. Now I know why people have said the ending of zankoku is unsatisfactory….


    My theory is that Neru/Miko was very lonely, which lead her to creating these situations up in her mind, to comfort her.
    Techi/Yuzuki was therefore her imaginary character :((( As a Techi bias, it made me sad when that part happened.
    Also, Keyaki…. <3 🙁 😛

  2. that ramen daisuki though lol

    lol when techi’s body is gone but her reflection is there
    and oh yeah, zuumin’s back <3..at least..just a little :')

  3. I think this show gets deep into how it is for the actual people who are in entertainment.( for this example k46) They do whatever they can for attention and many hope to leave that life on their terms. The people watching and judging represents us , and it seems like maybe we need not to indulge so much on others and just focus on what matters, like family and friends. I feel like Neru’s character is like a sensei who sees his students grow and bonds with them but like entertainment, the characters will change but the show will go on. I like how they potray that subliminally through the girls of Keyakizaka46 , but that cliff hanger at the end was too much!
    Although it is frustratingly confusing this was still fun to watch. Thank you for the videos and subs.!


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