Home Songs Music Video Hirate Yurina – Shibuya Kara PARCO ga Kieta Hi (English Sub)

Hirate Yurina – Shibuya Kara PARCO ga Kieta Hi (English Sub)


English title: The Day PARCO Vanished From Shibuya

Subber: Depressing Subs



  1. Ok, well, obviously she is a superb performer and her presence and talent is all there….. But…
    Why give her such a mediocre song -_____-
    C’mon, Akimoto Sama…. I do not know what he is thinking loL
    This kind of trot-like song does not suit her much.
    It sounds like an Acchan song, who could work it into a semi-cute, semi-sexy kind of song.
    For Techi, I wanted to hear a more beautiful and serene (like a tame version of, “Sekai Ni Aishika Nainda” or “Futari Saison”) or pop-rocky and fun very good song, (like, “Namaiki Lips”) with a cool edge, in a major key, or something….
    Seriously, her image and position in Keyakizaka46 is very stabilised and this kinda feels mismatched lols. I guess, some may say it is a good thing to show a different side, and may enjoy it. To me, it is too different in an adjacent way.

    1. OMG I feel like aki-P-san heard me out!!!!
      Because, after my comment, they really DID give techi a beautiful and serene song, “Yoake no Kodoku” !!! : ‘ DDD THANKS for hearing me out x33 <333
      he probably also read all of the spiteful and possibly honest comments of those who have expressed they want techi to have a timeout, because that is currently what us techi-stans are having to endure :'333

  2. Ok, my comment from last time is funnay
    cause i now like this song. well, not really, but only because it grew on me and I love Techi’s unique tone of voice.
    It gets interestingly thick but it also sounds really pretty when she holds the notes.
    The chorus is still really funny though hahahahha “PARCO, PARCO, PARCO, PARCO, PARCO!!!!”


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