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Fukyouwaon (English Sub)


English title: Discord

Subber: Depressing Subs



  1. Hello, I’m a new fan of Keyakizaka46. I really admired your hardwork for subbing many of Keyakizaka46’s music videos and such. I just wondering if there is any possible way for me to download the subbed music videos? Because I want to understand more about their songs and sometimes I’m not connected with the internet. It’s not for any profit-thingy purpose. I will be delightful if you can help. Thank you very much and keep working hard!

    1. Glad you enjoy the videos. This site is only for streaming, we don’t provide files for download. Also none of the videos are hosted here anyway, we just provide a convenient catalog.

  2. In 1:31 and 3:48 is it really ” ‘itsuka’ dakyou shitara shinda mo douzen” or ” ‘ichido’ dakyou shitara shinda mo douzen”? Thanks for the subs by the way.

  3. Thanks for the subs! I think there’s a mistake though. “itsuka dakyou shitara shinda mo douzen” should be “ichido dakyou shitara shinda mo douzen”


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