Home Variety Show [EP78] Keyakitte, Kakenai?: Nicknames and Relationships Within The Group! (English Sub)

[EP78] Keyakitte, Kakenai?: Nicknames and Relationships Within The Group! (English Sub)


Subber: Good Enough Subs, YuiOshi


  1. I am sure that since this recording, a lot of the members liked Techi cause i noticed it in later shows, especially after Kaze ni Fukaretemo lols
    Also, Neru is all over Techi, I read about that.
    I think Yui-pon aka Kobayashi had a thing for Techi before, and perhaps Techi for her a little bit, too.
    Also, Nanami and Moriya seem to be the only straight members lols
    Actually, not sure about Moriya, but Nanami really seems the only one I am sure of.
    I am sure a lot of the members find each other attractive, but not to the level of liking each other as much as those whose feeling have been revealed in this episode.
    I think Mona liked Techi in the Kaze ni era. I have not seen any current videos of them altogether, so I am not sure what is going on now.

    1. OMgggg i am a silly billy. i noticed moriya definitely may not be straight, either, or at least had small attractions kkk…
      i think only yone and aoi are probs the straight members. maybe pe, too.
      but she has handsomely vibes sometimes, just within herself, not the way she acts or anything, so she may sway a little that way ahhaha. and imaizumi… well, i definitely think techi used to have a small crush on zumiko, but idk if zuumin ever liked girls. she smalls so much, i can’t tell what else she is thinking except just : DDD lols
      ps my #1 love is techi, and have a small crush on imaizumi, so yah : D
      i only wish the best for them. also, i already noticed sugai having a crush on techi in a couple eps before this one (where they all watch the fukyouwaon mv), so idK y she lie : D jK but she did not mention it hehehe~
      o and techineru was fuhreals, techi and rina also liked each other……………. i could teelll : DDDDD since 2015 HAHAH

  2. lol moriya x sugai not included~ (yuukanen ship)
    oh dear, sugai-sama, why haven’t you included your lovely wife? (lol shida said she has feelings for nen but nen’s just quiet) anyway these days SHabu (Sugai x Habu) ship is sailing but I’m looking forward to more Yuukanen (best otp lol) PLus, OzeRisa is a thing now (poor shida)

    1. well actually now that i mentioned it i ship a little shida x nen but my feelings for yuukanen and monarisa are still stronger xD


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