Home Variety Show [EP129] Keyakitte, Kakenai?: Cooking Queen Championship (English Sub)

[EP129] Keyakitte, Kakenai?: Cooking Queen Championship (English Sub)


Subber: Good Enough Subs


  1. pe pe pe no pe no pe
    rika is….lol
    anyway suzumon is really girlfriend material..makes me think i wished oda was a boy

  2. OmGGGGGGG i TOTALLY ship oda and suzumon now!!!!! Before, i felt for suzumoto… but now I feel like…. her feelings are finally replicated by nana!!!!!?!! Beginning to… ever since the love videi for nana, i think she really appreciated suzumon. *~* おめでとう、 すずもととおだなな!!!!!!結婚するだね!!!


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