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Why the address of this site is weird?
Sorry, depressingsubs.com is our fansub address. The idea of creating a video streaming site for Keyakizaka46 came right after few days admin purchased the domain. Plus, using subdomain can save money.

Why are you doing this?
About Keyavids

There is a video that is not here, can you please sub it now?!
Please do not ask for videos to be subbed, or urge subbers to “hurry up”. Everyone in this community is a volunteer and is already doing what they can.

I want to download the video!
Sorry this site is for streaming only. Be creative and find your own way to download the video here. However, video that is subbed by us can be downloaded on the main site.

I want the softsub!
Please go to the subber’s page for softsub.

The video quality is poor.
If good quality video is available, of course we’ll use it.

The subtitle is poor.
If you can sub better than them, then do it.

There’s no subtitle in the video!
Every video that has been posted here have English sub. If you think the video has no sub, it must be you didn’t turn on the CC or the subber’s only sub certain parts of the video.

There’s so many ads on the video!!!
WE DON’T PUT ADS on any videos or on the site. The only ‘ads’ is the Shop widget on the sidebar. There’s nothing like pop-up ads or non-keyakizaka related ads. NONE. All the ads you’re seeing while watching the video is from the DailyMotion/YouTube itself. There’s nothing I can do about it.

I just want to watch Keyakizaka46 video, doesn’t care whether it is subbed or not. Can you post the non-subbed video too?
Emm, nope. That’s not the purpose of this site.

Why don’t you post Nogizaka46 videos too?
Sorry, this site will forever focusing on Keyakizaka46 only.

I don’t like Dailymotion. Can you upload it to YouTube instead?
Emm, nope. We do not re-upload other subber’s work unless the original subber’s video link is dead.

A video link is broken!!!
Don’t panic. Try again. If you get a message that the “content is not available in your country” it may be region locked. A VPN might help. Let us know if you think a link is dead or needs to be changed along with the specific error you are getting. You can report on the post or report on the chatbox.

How can I help?
o Submit links to subbed videos that aren’t on the site using the button on this page or help run this site.
o Buy Keyakizaka stuff and spread the good word.

Where can I buy Keyakizaka music/videos/merch outside of Japan?
o iTunes – Cheap way to pick up individual songs, but the selection is limited.
o cdJapan – Easiest way to get authentic CD/DVDs, books, and magazines shipped internationally.
o Amazon.co.jp – Need to set up a separate Amazon Japan account, but can specify an international address and credit card.
o yesasia.com
o HMV.co.jp

Where can I get even more information on Keyakizaka members and releases?