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Why the address of this site is weird?
Why are you doing this?
There's so many ADS on the video!!! (Updated: 28/04/2018)
There is a video that is not here, can you please sub it now?!
The quality of the video is so bad like I can't see their face at all.
I want to download the video!
I want the softsub!
The video quality is poor.
The subtitle is poor.
There's no subtitle in the video!
I just want to watch Keyakizaka46 video, doesn't care whether it is subbed or not. Can you post the non-subbed video too?
Why don't you post Nogizaka46 videos too?
I don't like Dailymotion. Can you upload it to YouTube instead?
A video link is broken!!!
How can I help?
Where can I buy Keyakizaka music/videos/merch outside of Japan?
Where can I get even more information on Keyakizaka members and releases?



Sorry for interrupting...

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