Drama – Zankokuna Kankyakutachi (2017) (Playlist)

Drama – Zankokuna Kankyakutachi (2017) (Playlist)

Home playlist Drama – Zankokuna Kankyakutachi (2017) (Playlist)

Drama – Zankokuna Kankyakutachi (2017) (Playlist)

Girls are trapped in the classroom with a livestream feed to the outside. The only way to get out of the classroom is to get likes from the people watching. They need to keep doing progressively more interesting things in order to keep getting likes in hopes of getting out. Also it seems like there’s going to be some generic mystery elements like why are they trapped, who trapped them, are any of the girls trapped in on it, etc. Something about having to following the schools rules while still being trapped too.


Source: http://www.stage48.net/forum/index.php?threads/zankokuna-kankyakutachi-17-05-18.19047/



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